The Popcorn Incident
Tuesday, 14 August 2007 14:27

So, the other night, I kinda head home after having a few Keith's with an old friend, and upon arrival back at the homestead, I'm craving a few more.

Chatting on the phone, I down a few more, (it's like 1am Sunday Night...), and then I get a lil' hungy.

Scanning the cupboards, Bachelor Joey didn't purchase any snacks on his last few grocery excursions... however, ex-y left some popcorn behind. So, I think, BONUS!

Now, if it was Joey, it would be simple Microwave Popcorn, but ex-y decided that popcorn made on the stove was better for some reason... so, I try to figure the mess out.

I get directions off the phone.

"use oil"

"ummm, no oil. Corn Starch?"

"no, oil"

"there isn't any. Soy Sauce?"

"no, oil"

"this will work. Balsamic Vinegar?"

"no, you need oil, otherwise it'll burn!"

"oh, ok. I'll use PAM"

"ummmm, maybe not a good idea. But, if you must, use A LOT"

I spray away, load 'er up, and of course, go to the other room. Why? I have no idea.

All of a sudden, I hear, BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP...a nice Fire Alarm at 1:30 in the am...

I go running down the hall...








I'm a little gunned at this point, so, I'm about to Stop, Drop, and Roll. Not on purpose either...hahaha, I'm like "Oh, MY GOSH! hehehe... hick"

I grab the smoking pot and take it outside









Coughing, I assess how much popcorn is edible...








about six kernals, and I eat those bad boys.

And the most upsetting of the entire ordeal?








My clean stove got wrecked. Who knew me and the appliances had so much in common????!!!!