Every day is an adventure... (cue "Welcome to my life")
Thursday, 14 June 2007 14:21
Yesterday (Wednesday), I was in Ottawa. Good times. Got a Flat Tire, and had to replace 2 tires, due to my previous frugalness... nyce.

On new rubber, I whipped over a hill into a speed trap. Ticket... down from $200 to $50. Buddy must have like me. Nyce again!

Now today, Thursday, I embarked on my Florida Trip.

Leaving Buffalo... held on tarmac for 40 minutes. Not too bad... other than I'm with Bertha and Bessie. I don't think the lady at the front counter liked me... stuck me with a heifer and her baby heifer...

Mamma sat in her seat, and 30% of her girl's. Her girl sat in 40% of my seat. Almost in my lap. And she was like, "I'm hot. I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I wanna go. I'm hungry." the whole time... we were on the Tarmac. So... always trying to wage a battle... once we were in the air, I pulled out the ol' Laptop, and would do a few ctrl-C's... which meant left elbow attacked massive roll stage left.

I thought she was going to cry when all they gave us for a "snack" were pretzels. THEN... my ears went all over-pressure... and I could still hear her chewing her cud, I mean, gum. Ok... she sounds like she was 10... she was atleast 25. Yummy.

So, the whole while I was flying into our connecting city, Charlotte, NC, I was wondering, "is that where the NASCAR Race is"? I wanted to ask the Blubber twins, being how close we were... but, I decided to sleuth it out by preening my neck around during the approach. No dice, couldn't see it. But, there are a ton of themed restaurants and shops in the Airport, so I'm guessing... yes.

Oh, and connecting flight? Delayed 2 hours. Nice. Atleast they have internet... now... where did my watch go???