A New Year's Eve like no other...Bull Riding, Bombs, Party, Oh-my!
Wednesday, 03 January 2007 14:06
2007 Rang in with a huge party, following the conclusion of the 2006 NAPC Extreme Tour Finals at the Western Fair Agriplex, London, Ontario Canada.

Friday am, I left the house at 5am for a TV Interview; Dusty McMullen, Dean Dobinson and I were on A-Channel, and I even did some Trick Roping... ho-lee!

Friday turned into a long day, working on the preparations, sound, lighting, video, signage, announcer prep.

Saturday was round #1.

The Show started with video, Fire, Explosions, and a huge opening.

There was a three-way tie for first in Saddle Bronc, the top 3 times in Barrel Racing were .001 apart each, and both Bareback and Bull Riding were sensational.

The massive sellout crowd was pretty loud and enjoyed the antics of funnyman "Radical Ryan Rodrigues" of Stillwater, Oklahoma. I had a few "jibs" against him, though my favourite line happened as he was standing beside me in the Announcer Pit. A saddle bronc rider had just been bucked off OUT OF THE ARENA, and landed on the Pyrotechnics board... after describing that to the crowd, I turned to Ryan and said, "We just about died"... haha.

Saturday Night, the Extreme Tour Fans and Contestants went back to our host hotel, the London Hilton, and took over a banquet room for Jack and Cokes, Beer and Pizza. The low-key affair was closed by Ropers and Barrel Racers... myself included.

Still Hungry, Sarah and I went to a Chinese Buffet that was open at 2am, ironically across the street from a Strip Bar.

Returning to the hotel, I found the coolest TV Show on Tele-Latino. It was American Pornography... but in Spanish. I'm not sure who had the worse job... the translator, or the voice-over artists.

Sunday was the big Night. Once again, the standing-room only crowd was beyond jammed. We sorted out a few of the minor technical glitches and blew the sox off 'em. Guy, the sound guy from Ste. Tite, the IFR, PBR Canada East Coast Events and NAPC Finals Cranked Rockstar, and we brought in the contestants into the arena as they walked along a line of fire to me... "Here! Come! Your Contenders!!!!"

The opening was sweet both nights. We had coloured explosions like lightening going off behind the bucking horses in the chutes... all you could see were their sillouettes, and a video intro with a highlight reel of rides and wrecks from the season.

The Show was wild on night 2 as well. A few big wrecks, and we utilized the slow-mo on the big screen to see some of the worst. Dusty McMullen, who had been taken away by ambulance the first night, came back to ride the second night, covered again, and even did a backflip. The crowd was loud. Extremely loud.

Across the street, everyone went for the New Year's Eve Bash with a video dance party and entertainment by live band 9house (led by Craig Neinhouse). We gave out the buckles and boulet boot certificates to the champions, and gave away a trip for 2 to Lynchburg, Tennessee courtesy of Jack Daniel's to the a lucky contestant, Raymond Postlethwait. Following the last buckle, I thought I'd throw out my vintage JD Shirt, which was going to be real cool... until I threw it and it got stuck on the rafters... they went crazy to go get it... they had girls on top of guy's shoulders, were jumping up and down, it was pandemonium... haha.

I was "making the rounds" of the dance, wishing everyone a "Happy New Year", when one of the coolest moments of the year took place. I started talking to this guy that I remembered making eye contact with during the show when I was addressing the crowd. He started telling me how his daughter recognized me on A-Channel that Friday, and said, "That's Joe Scully". I guess when I was clowning a rodeo in Aylmer about 10 years ago, they had watched me clown, and hung around to watch Slack. Following my run, which I guess didn't go that well, I rode out and gave her my piggin' string. She was about 8 at the time, and recognized me 10 years later on TV. He had said that she talked about the piggin' string forever, and couldn't believe that she recognized me on television. Ironically, his friend was sitting beside my Mom during the final performance in London. During the Intermission, my mom asked for a Jack Daniel's T-Shirt for the guy, as he said he really wanted one. I gave her one to give to him. After the show, he came up to thank me. He ended up sitting beside her the whole show, so, I said, "Guy, that deserves an award itself!" and gave him a Jack Daniel's buckle as well. I guess he told his buddy, the one with the daughter, and they all think I'm a modern day Santa Clause...haha. I just chalk it up to another "Festivus Miracle." It was a pretty cool coincidence.

The intro video will be up on Youtube or napcextreme.com soon. I'm just trying to get things organized for our 2007 season, and my trip to the IFR in two weeks. Also, I'm trying to make a new promo video as my current one is from 2004, and I'm starting to tire of it.

Happy New Year to you, and here's to a prosperous 2007!