Rodeo AND Radio MC - Scully goes on Talk Show Idol
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 00:33
As most know from persuing my full Curriculum Vitae, I had a brief stint as an on-air DJ.  I soon left the land of playing "Carts" and CD's to pursue many other dreams, but during my brief reign as Radio DJ, I was deemed too "extreme" for Oldies Radio (in Owen Sound) and was told to leave the deep topics for "Political Programs".  I'm about to dive into the deep end as I will compete in AM 900 CHML's 4th installment of Talk Show Idol!

For those in the Golden Horseshoe you'll be able to tune in on your Radio, for those around the Globe at

I've made it past the first round of the competition...where they narrow the field from the masses down to the select few.

The next stage has me and approximately 16 other contestants answering current event quiz questions, giving 60-second editorials on random topics and hosting a 10 minute segment.  If I make it by this week, then it'll go down to 6 doing another 10 minute segment (late October) then if I'm still tearing it up (which I intend to do...), the finals will be in November...with a one-hour show.

Oh, and the prize?  A talk show for a week, in addition to a trip to Mexico...or what I call, "Living the Dream" the exponent of 2. tune into me in the contest:
900AM - Golden Horseshoe or Listen Live at
Wednesday, September 16th 7:20am EST Current Events Quiz
Wednesday, September 16th
5:10pm EST
60-seconds of Straight Talk
Friday, September 18th
2:00pm-2:30pm EST 10 Minute "Talk Show"

Week 1 - Joe Scully Occupation: Rodeo Announcer / Stats Analyst / Field Manager
JoeScully Why Are You The Next Talk Show Idol?:
I never had my chance to be amazing on the radio.When I was a teenager, my summer job was to be a Rodeo Clown, and from there, I picked the closest field within the college structure...Radio Broadcasting. Though I did overnights for a summer on an oldies station, I left the mic for the street and was a sales person for a number of years.Soon after, I left Radio Sales and went back to Rodeo...I'm now a Rodeo Announcer doing 70+ performances a year. However, I like interacting with people, guiding and debating, and feel that this could my chance to really show my abilities within the medium. More info at:
Submitted by Joe Scully from Erin, ON On 9/12/2009
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