Video Updates from Summer 2K9
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 00:02

I can't wait until New Year's so that I can make the resolution to keep my website content more up-to-date. Ah yes, it's Fall and the procrastination is beginning to show like the leaves.
In my extensive webcrawling of all things Rodeo, I stumbled across some videos with a familiar voice...

The first video is from Marshville, North Carolina. As many know, I'm becoming a regular and huge fanatic at Freestyle Bullfighting. My latest experience with the Cowboy Version of the Dance with Danger from Ol' Mexico/Spain...was EXTREME... Freestyle Motocross and Freestyle Bull Fights: Bullfights and Dirt Bikes.
Here's a clip of the top Freestyle



The next video is from the PRCA Heartland Series Rodeo in Wellington, Ohio. It shows highlights from the entire event. Of the 15 horses bucked, 3 had been to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. We were blown away by the rankness of the stock, in addition to the talent paired with the animal athletes: 2 were seated in the top-15 in the PRCA World Standings, many circuit champs and more.



The last video contains what I am currently calling the worst wreck of 2009. The horse LAUNCHES the cowboy into the air and belts him on the way down (kind of like a kid playing "monkey pitch"):



His name is Nelson Miller of Coschocton, Ohio, He was almost immediately LifeFlighted out of the town, and suffered a collapsed lung and concussion. Rough!