2009 Summer Season is here!
Saturday, 13 June 2009 23:19
Reflecting back on the first two International Professional Rodeo Association and Ontario Rodeo Association events in Ontario, Canada is a bit of a rush. Through all of the excess excitement, we're five performances into the 2009 season, and what a journey thus far! Kicking things off, Rawhide Rodeo traveled to Lindsay, Ontario for the kick-off event. The event "began" with "Kids' Day at the Rodeo" on Friday as over 350 kids from 5 schools on 7 buses piled into the grandstand for an educational rodeo demo, touching on animal welfare, the history of the sport, culminating into live Break-away roping, Team Roping and Bull Riding. The event was a complete success, however, the weekend went a lil' western from there.


The Saturday Night performance was about to commence, and a few farmer-like contestants were forecasting for rain though there were no clouds in sight. Midway through the first half, the clowds rolled in and the monsoon ensued! The rain came down sideways, and as the Intermission came and went, the crowd didn't leave the comfort of the covered Grandstand. The Announcer-tent became a haven for numerous contestants and fans...though because we were standing in a puddle, there was massive electricity piercing through all of the components (3 laptops, amplifier, microphones, and so forth). 1 of my 3 computers was thrown into the safe-haven of the Truck, 1 stopped working entirely, and the 3rd began shocking me whenever I touched any part other than the keyboard. Though, the show went on...

After I dried things out in the morning, 2 of the 3 computers began working again, and the third only had half of the keyboard working, fortunately, the half of the keyboard that I needed to run sound.

The Second performance commenced while we were pounded by the Canadian Wind. We suffered from severe wind burn, but the positive was...the sun and the wind dried out the last of the 3 laptops and everything was good by tear down.

The next weekend brought us to my Hometown, Erin, Ontario for 3 performances: 1 Ontario High School Rodeo Association peformance and 2 IPRA/ORA performances. To try something new, I had our Rodeo Clown, DeWayne "The Soulman" Morris co-announce the High School Rodeo with me on the first night...he was pretty mellow. He is so used to having me turn the music down when it's his turn to speak, so, he was confused and awkward. Finally I was able to welcome him into my world!

The Second performance on Saturday Afternoon was one of our better performances of working together, and we had the crowd rolling for most of the show, right into the Steak Dinner.

Then....it was time for the weekend to go downhill, as we go to Sunday Morning Slack.

In team roping, I used my buddy Hef's heading horse, the same that I had used the weekend previously. The weekend earlier, he wouldn't ride into the centre alley after our run, so, I had hopped off and lead him out. Well, this Sunday, he started off by balking at the barrier...so, we were way late. I threw a long loop, caught the steer, and then the horse cut in half. I tried to throw my feet to the front, and I think I lasted two good jumps until he did a hard 90 degree turn, bucked and whey-laid me into the Erin Dirt. I laid motionless, not able to breathe. Contestants ran...phones dialed...but I eventually made it out of the arena. My wrist was hurting and I couldn't breathe, so we went to Hospital.

At Headwaters in Orangeville, normally the slowest Hospital, I was pretty much in and out, especially as I was harping on how I needed to be back for the performance. The outcome: major back spasms, a compressed fracture and a sprained wrist.

I returned, shaken, and on strong medication. I had a co-announcer just in case I got loopy, but we still had a pretty good performance!

So, I'm off horses according to the Doctor for 3 weeks, and I only have a week and a bit off until my next performances...fortunately it's a weekend of Barrel Racing and Timed Events at TLC Quarter Horses and I don't have to bring much for equipment.

So, that's the latest, can't wait to get back on the rodeo road for more Adventure!

Lates, Scullz