It was the most talked about Competition within the Competition at the 2008 Rawhide Rodeo Extreme Tour Finals...Schmee vs. Platinum (formerly Brahmer)...the Match of the Titans...the loser of the two in the Aggregate would be wearing a Dress to the NYE Dance and Bash.

After 142 Votes before the Finals:

68% voted that Schmeila would be making an appearance:

32% voted that Brandene would be making an appearance:

In the First Round of The Match of the Titans between Ian Charman the '06 ORA Bull Riding Champion and Brandon Moore the '05 ORA Bull Riding Champion, the scores were close....3 points seperates the contenders. Moore was 79, Charman was 76.

The two really came to the forefront in the Championship Round. 

As the Round rolled on, Charman was second last out, and rode Rawhide Rodeo’s #9 Spider Monkey for 81 points.  The Aggregate leader, Chris Adams was bucked off earlier in the round, and as Charman’s Victory dance came to an end, Moore climbed over the chutes.  He was riding for a lot.  Charman was the only person to ride 2 at the Finals, and Moore was the last to ride, and would be the only one to take the Finals win away.  He would be riding for the Finals, and for the Chance to NOT wear the dress.  But more importantly, his match was Rawhide Rodeo’s #228 Bloody Sunday, the 2007 and 2008 IPRA World Champion Bucking Bull.  Earlier this season, the bull had tossed him at 7.2 seconds.  The Ride was Huuuuge, and the score came in at 85-points, the highest of the 2008 Finals!  Moore was 3 points ahead of Charman rolling into the Final Round, and as the numbers Settled, he won by 7-points.  Solid Bull Riding and an amazing end to the Show!